Supplier security

Companies are increasingly relying on third-party services and products, and in recent years we have witnessed critical outages, not to mention the rapid expansion of cloud services.   

 This dependency increases the risk of business service outages, information security attacks and incidents, contractual non-compliance or disruption to the wider supply chain (“4th party risk”)! These can cause serious financial and reputational losses for your company, also, a more mature organisation can be more effectively attacked by a smaller, less security-conscious supplier!  

Our solution addresses these risks, so that the value added by third parties becomes reliable because it is not coupled with undisclosed and disproportionate risks!  

Why is it worth using our services?

Supply chain risks often remain hidden until a security incident occurs. Our service proactively identifies and manages these risks, reducing the cybersecurity risks companies face from third parties. In addition, proper vendor security increases customer and partner confidence and helps achieve regulatory compliance.

Who do we recommend?

For companies that rely heavily on third party services or products – be it regular or cloud services.

For organisations with complex supply chains across multiple countries or regions.

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