We’ve created a starter pack for those who want to navigate the constantly developing jungle of cloud security solutions.

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Our IT environments, from home networked devices to robust enterprise systems, contain elements where data or settings (configuration) need to be backed up. This is necessary so that they can be restored in the event of any problems or problems, as the loss of our data can be a costly business risk, a drain on […]


The hype around AI has been going on for months. I read somewhere that everyone has become an AI expert lately, and how true that is. It writes the tests for the students, the questions for the teacher, advises on court rulings, draws the Pope in puffy jackets, brings the end of the world, and […]


The short answer is yes, but it is still in its infancy and not all devices support it yet. From 3 May 2023, you will be able to create passkeys for your personal Google Account. This is part of Google’s “Advenced Protection Program”. Google will not ask for a password or two-step authentication when you […]


In the spring, I received a beautiful message on Messenger saying that a banker lady was very interested in meeting me. Not because of what you might first think, of course, but because my name is very similar to the name of an account holder in a bank branch in Turkey who has passed away […]


WE ARE PROUD OF OUR NEWLY OBTAINED ISO 27001 CERTIFICATION, WHICH IS A GUARANTEE OF OUR COMMITMENT For FORTIX, obtaining ISO 27001 certification is not only a certification, but also a guarantee of safety and reliability. The ISO 27001 international standard ensures that the services provided by our company meet the highest security requirements, guaranteeing […]


WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE A FAMILY-FRIENDLY COMPANY IN 2023! We are delighted that the FORTIX team has been certified as a Family Friendly Company in 2023 and we have been included in the TOP 3 small businesses in this category. This recognition not only from our employees, but also from the […]


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