FORTIX and CyberCamp both won the Hungarian Brands Award 2023

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FORTIX is a trusted partner for companies in the areas of information security, data protection and business continuity. Our team of experts helps you address information security challenges, develop a regulatory environment and comply with legal and international standards. Our goal is to guide our clients towards secure and seamless business operations. Our cybersecurity consulting services focus on four key areas: Technology, Process, People, Compliance. Together, these areas provide the comprehensive protection and foundation for business success.

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By choosing FORTIX , businesses get an experienced, 100% Hungarian-owned partner. Our wide range of services, many years of experience in financial institutions and large corporations, as well as the continuous training of our team of experts guarantee high quality performance. FORTIX is your guarantee for success through security, reliability and innovation.

Phishing simulations at DIGI Távközlési és Szolgáltató Ltd.

As technology evolves, cybersecurity challenges become more and more complex.In the first half of 2023, FORTIX was given the opportunity to perform two phishing simulations for DIGI. The aim of the tests was to assess the security awareness of employees in real-life situations without any risks.

Classification and matching of the critical system element DIGI Távközlési és Szolgáltató Ltd. with the assistance of FORTIX Consulting Ltd.

In the modern telecommunications world, information security and cyber security are key issues. The cooperation between FORTIX and DIGI in this field has been flourishing since 2015 and they have implemented several successful projects together. In this case study, we present a particularly important project dealing with the classification and compliance of critical system elements […]

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