Our team of experts not only understands, but applies the latest cybersecurity techniques and methodologies every day. Vulnerability testing and security testing, also known as penetration testing (pentesting), is not only our speciality but also our passion. Regular and in-depth testing is the best protection against attacks, which are becoming increasingly common in the digital world.   

Our methodology has been developed using leading international best practices. Its main parts are the collection of general and technical information, the practical execution of the penetration and a report summarising the results, which in each case includes, in addition to the evidence found during the investigation, recommendations for solutions.  

Why is it worth using our services?

FORTIX vulnerability scanning and pentesting not only reveals vulnerabilities in systems, but also provides valuable information for companies to manage cybersecurity risks. Specific recommendations are made for immediate remediation of critical and severe risk vulnerabilities, which effectively helps to fix the flaw.

Who do we recommend?

Vulnerability scanning and pentesting is particularly suitable for companies facing serious information security challenges. For companies that handle sensitive data or whose network infrastructure is mission critical, this service is particularly recommended.

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