Information security in the automotive industry  

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

Our service, based on the VDA ISA framework, provides protection not only against external threats but also against internal threats, meeting the specific requirements of the automotive industry.  


In the first step, our experts review the client’s data protection and security policies, processes, systems and infrastructure, and summarise the results in a summary report.


We then work with the client to correct any deficiencies and bring their infrastructure and processes up to security standards. During this phase, our experts will help the client identify and implement the necessary changes with advice and suggestions.


In the third phase, we help the customer to have their system audited and improved to pass the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) audit, which is conducted by an accredited certification body. Following the audit, our experts help the client to evaluate the results and identify areas for further improvement.

After registration, the desired auditing organisation must be selected.
Prepare for the audit.
The self-assessment will be completed.
Based on the above, the auditor will carry out the necessary tests.
If the audit is successful, the organisation will receive the relevant certificate.
The audited organisation publishes the results of the audit to the extent required.
Why is it worth using our services?

TISAX certification preparation is not only about meeting legal and industry requirements, but also about effectively managing your company’s internal and external information security risks. With the help of our experts, companies will be able to identify and manage potential threats, increasing business confidence and competitiveness. Throughout the preparation process, our team of consultants will help you complete TISAX registration, select the appropriate auditing organisation and conduct an internal audit of your information security, identifying non-compliance with requirements, and recommending compliance measures.

Who do we recommend?
  • Automotive suppliers: These suppliers must meet stringent security requirements by implementing TISAX.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies: OEM companies are recommended to bring suppliers with whom they work under TISAX. This increases data security and confidence levels.

Our team of experts is ready to help you through the entire process of TISAX certification, from registration to sharing the results, including internal audit and gap closure. Information security in the automotive industry is not only an obligation but also an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to quality and security.

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